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Benefits of Custom Upholstery

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Custom upholstery services can help you keep your business décor up to date with the latest trends without having to completely replace your furniture. With commercial upholstery services, you can breathe new life into your furniture for a new and refreshing look!
Reupholstering is a process where the original padding and material of your furniture is replaced to refresh the look of your office furniture, lobby seating, or restaurant bar stools.
Not sure if custom upholstery is right for you? Learn more about the benefit of upholstery services for Pittsburgh businesses below.

Save Money on Replacement Costs

Cost is the biggest driving factor when it comes to choosing reupholstery over replacement. Much of the furniture today is mass-produced and is inexpensive but is poorly constructed and doesn’t last as long as older, well-made pieces. This leads to you having to spend money every few years to replace your furniture, whereas, with reupholstery, you can make an investment in the sturdy furniture you have and save money on replacements in the long run.

Maintain the Value of Your Furniture

With upholstery and restoration of your furniture, you can maintain its value and structural integrity. With reupholstery, broken springs are replaced with new springs; worn-out foam is replaced, and more! This can lead to a more comfortable seating experience for employees and customers.
Also, if you ever decide to sell your antique furniture pieces, you will have a better chance of finding a buyer if you reupholster and repair the furniture first. It can also help you sell the furniture for a higher asking price if you choose to sell.

Customize Your Furniture to Match Your Brand or Style

With custom upholstery services, you can transform your furniture and match it to your brand colors, restaurant theme, or update your furniture with modern patterns and colors for a refreshed, cohesive look. You will be able to choose the materials that match your commercial space seamlessly.

Experienced Custom Upholstery Services in Pittsburgh

With over 30 years of experience restoring torn or used upholstery and making it look like new again, J & R Upholstery has the tools and skills needed to provide you with exceptional results for your commercial reupholstery needs! Contact us today to learn more!

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