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Recovering vs. Reupholstering

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Recovering and reupholstering both refer to replacing the fabric, but that’s not all they mean. Recovering furniture is a term used to describe a mild form of reupholstering and can also refer to loose items like pillows. On the other hand, reupholstering is often used to refer to furniture and is typically a more in-depth process.

What is Reupholstering?

At J&R Upholstery and Blinds, Inc., we specialize in reupholstery. This is a process where all the outer and inner element of the furniture’s upholstery is replaced, whereas recovering is where only the outer fabric is replaced.
Reupholstery generally includes:
  • Repairing/replacing broken springs
  • Adding new padding and cushions
  • Making repairs or modifications to the frame
  • Rebuilding the found of the upholstery such as padding, webbing, and springs
So, while reupholstery includes replacing the fabric, it generally includes more comprehensive items and in-depth work than recovering.

Benefits of Reupholstering vs. Recovering

While recovering is cheaper, it won’t provide the same look and comfort as reupholstering. Recovering, covering over the old fabric with new fabric can result in irregular detailing at the channels, tufts, and pleats. It can also have a puffed, unbalanced look where the fabric meets the exposed wood frame. Recovering can also have slack, hollow spots, and bumps that are caused by the worn layer underneath the new fabric.

With reupholstery, we can repair frame and spring issues, replace the cushions or padding, and provide you with crisp, clean pleats, tufts, and channels. If you are looking to breathe new life into your furniture, reupholstery is the way to go.

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