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How to Maintain Restaurant Booths

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The booths in your restaurant see a lot of traffic, which leads to spills, stains, and regular wear and tear. As a business owner, the appearance of your restaurant is important to you, and you take pride in keeping your facility clean and welcoming. To keep your booths looking their best, we at J & R Upholstery have put together some tips for maintaining your restaurant booths.

Regularly Remove Dust and Dirt

Dust and dirt are likely to accumulate in your booths. Using a vacuum, you can easily remove and dirt, dust, or debris on your booths for a cleaner appearance. It is important to use an upholstery attachment when vacuuming your booths. You can even add a window or other type of screen for extra protection between the nozzle and the fabric of your booth.

Clean up Spills and Stains ASAP

As a restaurant owner, you know spills are avoidable. When food or drinks are spilled on your booths, it is crucial to clean the spill or stain up with a wet cloth and detergent. You can first blot off the excess spill with a dry cloth and then remove the remaining spill with the wet cloth and detergent. This will keep the spill from drying and becoming a set-in stain. Be sure to use a cleaner that is safe for your upholstery.

Make sure to keep microfiber towels and cleaning solutions readily available to your staff to ensure they can quickly and efficiently clean up any messes that occur.

Apply a Stain Guard

In many cases, the upholstery on your booths will already have a stain guard built-in, but if it wasn’t purchased that way, you could have Stain Guard applied to your booths to help repel spills and prevent stains. In addition to proper cleaning, this can help give you peace of mind that your upholstery is protected.

Booths Need a Refresh? Consider Reupholstery.

When it comes to restaurant reupholstery, Pittsburgh’s J & R Upholstery is the top choice! We provide expert repair and restoration services that can revive your furniture and save you the cost of purchasing new furniture. Our services include:
  • Replacing worn or torn covers
  • Replacing the worn-out foam
  • Replacing or fixing broken springs
  • Removing springs and replacing them with new wood and foam
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